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Why Volunteer

Develop new skills

Provide an opportunity to develop new skills.

Make a difference

Make a difference to other’s lives; playing a role in helping others.

Gain valuable work experience

Gain valuable work experience and improve your career prospects while using your skills for a valuable cause.

Improve social skills

Allow you to meet new people, improve social skills and increase your professional social network.

Discover your abilities

Allow you to discover your abilities and build confidence.

Connect you to others

Provide a sense of purpose and connect you to others.

Bring enthusiasm

Bring fun and enthusiasm to your life.

Strengthen your ties

Help in strengthening your ties to the community.

Sense of accomplishment.

Provide a natural sense of accomplishment.

Pride and identity

Give a sense of pride and identity.

Practice important skills

Give an opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, task management, and organization.